Our company occupies an area of 4000 square meters of which 1800 square meters is covered. We have a warehouse for raw materials and finished products, and 4 static painting stations, 2 pressurised paint booths for a maximum quality finish, 3 firing ovens, a semi-automatic phospho degreasing machine and the latest installment of a chain automatic system with a pre-treatment tunnel including both an automatic powder booth and liquid spray booth.

For more than 40 years, we have specialised in liquid painting of all kinds of plastics with metallic finishes, textur, soft gum, and ral, ncs and pantone colours. Conductive shielding paint and anti static coating.

We use liquid and powder paint methods with any kind of finishing and the possibility of applying mixed cycles (powder + liquid) on ferrous materials.
We work by grouting and sanding, deburring, and screen printing on every surface and material.

Additional services Galvanisation and Black Cataphoresis.
We provide and pickup and delivery services.

Industry experience:

Ci-Elle painting ... Giving colour to your ideas ...


Pressurised booths

In an area of 4000 square meters of which 1800 square meters are covered, Ci-Elle Painting, a company in Casirate d'Adda, in the province of Bergamo, has two pressurised spray booths that are used for the finishing touches.

The Bergamo-based company also works with:

  • four static painting stations
  • three static firing ovens
  • a semi-automatic phospho degreasing system
  • a new automatic chain system with a pre-treatment tunnel equipped with both an automatic dusting and an automatic liquid painting booth.


Painting booth features


All of our painting boothsare the latest generation.
They are pressurised, water-veil paint booths, ensuring the highest quality finish to give the best in terms of finish, whilst respecting environmental standards.

They are large, double workstation cabins, which allow us to paint details of iron and aluminium carpentry work with dimensions greater than 5 meters.
Every stage of our work is carried out in complete safety, whilst respecting any kind of legislation for the protection of all our staff.
Ci-Elle Painting is a company known throughout the province of Bergamo, but also in those of Milan and Brescia, for its reliability and professionalism.


the paint coverage

Colour and technology at your service

Reliability and professionalism are the basis of the company Ci-Elle, in Casirate D'Adda, in the province of Bergamo. Specialised in liquid painting of all types of plastic and metal, the workshop uses different color tables, including RAL, Pantone, NCS, and FEDERAL USA and MARSHAL, which are specific to each paint job requiring special colours and hues.

Each paint job is carried out using the latest equipment and technology designed to optimize costs, raise quality standards and reduce delivery times. The company also carries out work in plastering and sanding, deburring, and screen printing on every surface and material.


Creation of texture in metals

Depending on the object to be painted, the company employs a different industrial coating technique, in liquid or powder, through mixed cycles, with the possibility of giving any type of finish. Ci-Elle Painting paints plastics, wood, ferrous materials with metallic finishes.

The value added to the industrial paintings by Ci-Elle is down to


auto painting

Experience, flexibility and customer diversification


Ci-Elle Painting has been active in the industrial painting field on behalf of third parties from more than 50 years, using only the most modern machinery. The firm in Casirate d'Adda has extensive experience and various painting techniques both in powder and liquid.

The company from Bergamo has two production units located adjacent to Casirate d'Adda, near Bergamo.


Painting workshop


The painting workshop operates through a precise company policy aimed at creating only quality products, always respecting regulations. The projects relating to painting, sanding, lacquering and screen-printing of objects and artifacts for interior furnishings, for street furnishings and, more generally, any work of light and medium-heavy steelwork.

Over the years our company has become an important reference point in the field of painting, in particular for the many customers who have chosen to work with us from the world of DESIGN, the world of LIGHTING and the world of ELECTRONICS.

W extend our sincere thanks to all of them.

The added value of CI-ELLE PAINTING is the possibility of treating a large quantity of objects, made from different materials, in a short space of time and with an excellent finish.

Ci-Elle Painting completes many projects using this technique, but also performs surface treatments with special paints:


  • anti-static conductive paints
  • teflon, highly insulating paints
  • conductive shielding paints, with their base in nickel, copper and pure silver



painting plastic

At our company, we paint all kinds of plastic and polyurethane.

Each type of plastic is primed differently according to the raw material it is composed of, so that the final film of paint to be applied sticks appropriately.

In the cycle of plastics painting, which takes place in pressurised cabins, there are stages of withering, drying, sanding and plastering that will contribute to the look of the final painted object.

The first step of painting plastics consists of washing and degreasing the plastic material to ensure that the paint can be applied perfectly.



Silicone painting at 600°C


High temperature silicone painting is carried out in suitable workstations by applying silicone cycles resistant to high temperatures.

Liquid paint from the best European Houses is applied, prior to pre-treatment, to metal products, before being dried at 200 ° c for one hour in the oven.
This allows the varnishing film to be applied to withstand temperatures above 600 ° c.

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