Industrial painting

With over 60 years of experience in the field of industrial painting,CI-ELLE has become a benchmark for engineering, technology and design for the surface finishing of metallic componentsand plastics.

The painting factory, in the province of Bergamo in Casirate D'Adda, has specialised equipment for different projects:

  • Pressurised spray booths
  • three static firing ovens
  • phospho degreasing system
  • cabins for spray painting or dust painting metals, with rapid drying systems.

The industrial coating allows the treatment of metal and plastic surfaces of any size from the component parts to large parts of carpentry.
Depending on the type of object to be painted, the company's staff use the best techniques and paint to obtain the desired result.

Innovation and craftsmanship, experience gained over the years and investment in new technologies makes CI-ELLE the best company suited for industries in the province of Bergamo, Brescia, Milan and in the whole of Lombardy, also thanks to the high quality of the products and competitive prices.


As has already been said the company uses different painting techniques, such as liquid painting, also known as spray paintingwhich is suitable for metals and plastic materials. The results are excellent in terms of aesthetics and a uniform colour in a short time. The painting is carried out in liquid and based on the product type of polymer, the type of paint is selected accordingly.

The company offers aesthetic coatings, auto painting, textured and anti-static and shielding.
The company is able to provide a comprehensive service also taking care of the work of grouting, sanding, deburring and screen printing.
The industrial coating is applied to many products such as light steelwork, lighting, street furniture, interior furnishings and medical equipment.

Whatever the finish, the texture or the colour you want to bring to your objects, CI-ELLE will is capable of producing it.


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